Today, Saturday, March 18th, 2017, is the ‘White Man’s March’!

You may not “march”: if you don’t have an appropriate space to, the name of the event came from the month in which it is held each year, the month after “Black History Month”. A standing protest, or one moving up and down a sidewalk with your signs, posters, and flags facing traffic for a half hour may work just as well in getting out the message that we oppose White genocide and want to encourage our people that they are not alone or forgotten. You may even distribute flyers and stickers as you move along. So long as you don’t block the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, you can do as you wish.

Here are some great flyers and stickers to print out and copy.

You may not be a White “man”. Many of the pledged participants of this year’s event are White women, in fact. Just ask the Shield Maidens! However, if your group is accosted by nonWhites or AntiWhites, we expect the men to immediately move the women and children to the interior, and form a ShieldWall between our most precious assets and the enemy.

Take a few minutes, call up some friends, use some markers and poster board, make some signs, take some selfies, indoors or out, and e-mail them to for compilation. Show our people that we’re more than just faceless, anonymous keyboard trolls. Let’s make this IRL today.

In case you’re asked by someone what it’s all about, here are some talking points to read over in preparation.

Be safe out there. Defend yourselves ferociously if attacked. If the cops show up, do what they say. But make a stand. Make it real.

Do it for our future, today.