by Billy Roper

In all likelihood if W.W. III starts in 2017, it also will end in 2017, or at lease will rather quickly devolve into smaller scale and localized conflicts as spin-offs of the precipitating global conflict. Many people consider the Chinese or the Russians as our potential adversaries in the next global war, forgetting that a dozen other countries also have the capability of literally knocking the United States back to the nineteenth century, creating societal collapse, economic depression, and political civil war through the use of just two or three high altitude bursts of nuclear weapons which would create an Electro-Magnetic Pulse and fry most of the electronic circuitry in the U.S.. Modern automobiles, airplanes, trains, trucks, computers, cell phones, and electric power grids would go down, and stay down. Imagine what would happen if the lights went off and stayed off, and food and fuel deliveries ceased nationwide?

India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea all have nuclear weapons, along with the U.S., Russia, China, the U.K., and France. Those are the ones we know of. A third party state or a terrorist organization could use such an attack to trigger a conflict between one of the major powers, in fact. So, you don’t just have to worry about the guys in the Kremlin or Beijing, you have to worry about anybody who can fly a plane with a bomb on board high enough to get their 72 virgins. A corporate jet, which is large enough to carry an atomic bomb of any size, can reach a flying height of 50,000 feet. That’s about 9 1/2 miles. That same small corporate jet could easily reach 52,800 feet, or ten miles, before its engines lost compression in the thinner air and could no longer produce the necessary thrust to climb. A burst at a thirty mile altitude would cause EMP disruption in a 480 mile radius. That’s out of the reach of airplanes, and would require an inter-continental ballistic missile to pull off, restricting the actors to the U.S., Russia, China, and Israel. But a high altitude nuclear burst at ten miles up, carried by an aforementioned corporate jet, would cause an EMP effect of over 100 miles radius.

One would take out everything from Richmond to Baltimore, including the nation’s capitol. Another could knock back to the horse and buggy era both Philadelphia and New York City. You get the picture. How many of these might it take to trigger the collapse and balkanization of America through the absence of Federal power and authority? Some day, some body might let us find out…

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