by Billy Roper

In Greenville, South Carolina, members of the SC Secessionist Party raised a large Confederate battle flag near the arena where the NCAA college basketball tournament was being held this past weekend, prompting disavowal from the organizers of the overwhelmingly black event. Pressure was placed on local law enforcement to do something about the obsolete farm machinery’s sensitive feelings being hurt. So, they forced the large flag to be moved, get this, out of concern that if high winds caused the flag pole to break, it could fall on members of the public gathered nearby. Sure, that’s the ticket. Then, they dispersed SC Secessionist demonstrators who were protesting near the arena because their flagpoles were too big. The result? The SC Secessionist Party got NATIONAL media coverage, and the local city authorities looked like asses. Way to go. I may not agree with their autistic geographical regionalism, but I have to applaud the SC Secessionist Party’s skillful use of imagery propaganda and their manipulation of the controlled media.