by Billy Roper

This interesting article by a liberal discusses the possible repercussions of an effort by Democrats and establishment Republicans to impeach President Trump.

If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America

“It’s hard to overstate just how many Trump supporters there are, how many have lost faith in the system, and how many have become reactively charged against it…

Who to blame for this is at this point irrelevant (though in my last piece I argued the MSM should largely blame itself) because the distrust is so deep that it’s never coming back.

The result is a dangerous disconnection between what we’re being told is going on and the beliefs of a substantial portion of the citizenry. Not a substantial portion like a couple million. A substantial portion like 100 million…

If Trump gets impeached, it will be much, much worse than if Hillary had won the election, because it will be defeat at the hands of its ultimate enemy, the establishment itself.

This psychological defeat will be so great that it will lead to the bubbling over of the fury inherent to the Trump voter. But they won’t protest on the streets (which might harmlessly discharge the fury) because that’s not their style. They’ll simply check out. They’ll cease to participate in the system. Voting for Trump was their last, best effort to play by the rules, and it worked. They elected a candidate democratically, one whom, whether he was lying or not, was at least addressing their woes head on. If Trump is impeached, Trump voters will not just believe, they will know that a corrupt media and a corrupt Washington rejected their candidate like a transplanted organ.

So what will happen? It’s likely that the economy will careen towards failure like a train with a broken wheel. Look at the map above. Rural people live very different lives than urban people and they play a very different, and very crucial, role. A city needs rural people to survive, in order to build its towers and produce its food. This is why the electoral college was created, because rural states need a seat at the table even if their numbers don’t match up population-wise.

So even if we buy the somewhat silly Snopes “Cartogram” above, those little red lines bisecting the middle of the country are vital arteries. Even if only 20–30% of Trump voters are so disenfranchised by a Trump impeachment that they exit the game of America altogether, the results aren’t just devastating, they’re terminal. What happens if farmers (who we can assume via the above maps are almost entirely Trump supporters) keep their crops for themselves? What happens if the rural people doing the few blue collar jobs that still remain — e.g. truckers and longshoremen—stop working? Or begin self-sabotaging? Not only won’t they vote, they’ll find ways to boycott the entities that they view as part of the establishment. They’ll hole up in the bunkers they’ve already been building for for years. Doomsday preppers may have been prepping for a doomsday they bring on themselves.

It could become a sort of reverse Cambodian Year Zero. In 1975, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia, declared all money valueless and forced the “New People”—urban artists and intellectuals—out into the countryside to work the fields. The idea was social fairness and mass production of food, but the results were the exact opposite. Over 3 million people starved to death and the society collapsed. Tyranny reigned in the extreme. It wasn’t until the Vietnamese stepped in to re-assert order that the country stopped its free fall into the Stone Age.

If Trump is impeached, the United States could face an opposite, yet potentially similar scenario. If rural people begin what’s effectively a mass general strike, urbanites won’t be forced out of the city by the government, they’ll be forced out by necessity. The price of food will skyrocket to the point of being unaffordable for anyone but the very richest of city-dwellers. Lines of production and transport will break down from lack of labor and self-sabotage, and the economy will begin folding in on itself.

So be careful what you wish for when you push for Trump’s impeachment. It may seem like Watergate, but it’s unlikely to pan out the way. The players are different. The narratives are different. The psychologies are different. And the blow dealt to a large and necessary portion of the population could be so great as to push a precariously balanced America off its axis into oblivion.”

What the author fails to astutely close on is that the resistance to impeachment wouldn’t just be peaceful withdrawal from the marketplace, or strictly a rural vs. urban divorce: it would become a racial civil war, and lead to America’s balkanization and breakup.