Pat Chouinard is a White Nationalist author, podcast host, and activist who recently spoke at a ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas. After his speech, I caught up with him to ask a few questions to benefit readers of ‘The Roper Report’ who might not yet be familiar with his work.
Q. Thank you for granting me this interview, Pat. First off, we all have an entry story. What initially got you involved in the White Nationalist movement?
My whole life I felt a calling. I felt a need to serve a purpose greater than myself. I think from the get go I had an affinity for the underdog, a need to help those in need. I prayed about it to the World Creative Spirit many times. I also felt that society was decadent, that the world of order and beauty was vanishing before my very eyes. Even at this early stage of my development, only in primary school, I knew something was terribly wrong with the world and that something, or someone, perhaps a specific group, was at its root cause.  I had Jewish friends, and my Dad’s own business partner was a Jew. Like Hitler was, admittedly so, at this same age, I felt that the Jews were just a different religion, and I preferred to hang around them because I was an intellectual and their stress on education was impressive to me. It was after I heard my Dad’s best friend and former business partner from Michigan, Jake Walsh, speak that my views began to change. Jake was a brilliant Irish and German American, who was fanatically loyal to the pro white cause and a dedicated National Socialist.  Even though Dad did regular business with a Jew, my father also was a dedicated White Nationalist, and both he and Jake were very aligned with Christian Identity in their thinking. My mother found my Dad’s beliefs deplorable. She had a love of Jews, Blacks and all non-whites. In 1992, just before my Senior year in High School, I went to Michigan for my Aunt Anne’s funeral, and ended up spending that Summer living with Jake and working for him in construction. During that time, he fully indoctrinated me in National Socialism, in the history and beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan, and I became familiar with David Duke, Thom Robb, Richard Butler, Ben Klassen, Tom  Metzger, William Luther Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, Father Coughlin. I needed no introduction to the  Third Reich because by this time I had already read Mein Kampf several times, and had gained much knowledge of the history of the Reich. But also be reading the works of Ragnar Readbeard, David Eden Lane, Lothrop Stoddard, Madison Grant, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Arthur de Gobineau, Arthur  Kemp, Charleton S. Coon, and many others.  He taught me the importance and dynamics of race. My father at that time continued to play a part in my racial education. My mother too, but only to show me the weakness of the liberal arguments as she was a devout liberal. Coming back home from living with  Jake, I was pumped up and ecstatic about what I had learned. I remained racially aware until my early 30s, when I worked for public television. Being around Jews, liberals and non-whites, I fell away and began to believe as they did that we all bleed red and that we are all part of the greater human race. The sad thing was deep in my heart I knew this blue-pilled, Brave New World was false and that my world, the the world I really wanted, one of order and beauty, one that was Teutonic and Aryan, couldn’t be achieved simply by educating blacks and non whites with the hopes of turning them into obedient whites of a different skin tone. I knew from everything that Jake taught me that was simply impossible. I realized that I could go on a Jewish public television program, don a skull cap and ape their every move but, I would still be their enemy and they mine. I learned you can take the nigger out the jungle, but not the jungle out of the nigger.  On October 26, 2010 my mother died of liver failure at the age of 72. This was a bitter sweet moment, because even though I loved her, her morals, her goals and how she controlled my life for so long, had finally ended. It was at this time that I met three NS skinheads Adam O’Neil, JP Sedita and Gary Lewis. Later we were joined by Derek, Frank, Truck, Red and Ryan. My re-education had begun. By now it was 2014. I had ended up in jail, and it was at this time that I had hit rock bottom. I had a vision of the white race becoming extinct, and that the only option that made since was to fight for my race and educate our people into the true beliefs of White Nationalism and a new faith centered on our race and our race alone. Leaving jail, I proudly reconnected with my skinhead friends and later that year I went on facebook and began searching for a White Nationalist group to join. I began posting, and I eventually joined the LWK, Loyal White Knights, then dropped them a week later and joined the National Socialist Movement and then moved to Harrison, Arkansas to be a part of the struggle there, and to serve my race as a writer and propagandist. I do not regret one moment of hard times. It all contributed to my education as a National Socialist and in the long run, made me stronger and a better leader for our movement.
Q. As a youth, were you racially aware?
Instinctively so, at a very early age.
Q. Who were your role models as a child and who encouraged your racial awareness?
Jake and my father were the  primary instruments of my original conversion and racial awareness. Then my love of history took hold and Hitler and all the National Socialists  of Germany became my hero. Also modern heroes, like George Lincoln Rockwell, David Duke, Willis Carto, Tom Metzger, Ben Klassen, William Luther Pierce, and many others.  Also JP, my best friend, was also a very personal hero. He befriended me at the right juncture in my life and career, to set me in the final course of my life. He is and always will be my mentor of sorts.
Q. What books influenced you the mot, racially and as an author?
Mein Kampf, and a multitude of other books by the authors I have already mentioned. Especially, Mein Kampf and Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible. Also, the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, the Eddas, even the books of Graham Hancock influenced me to a degree.
Q. Did your awakening occur in fits and starts, or has it been a straight path?
As I indicated, it did occur in fits and starts for a long time. I knew how I felt inside and what I truly believed, but I had an unerring capacity to please and get along in society. Society made me ashamed of my convictions.  It wasn’t until I met JP and then ended up in jail that I finally realize who and what I was, and that contrary to the rest of my family and friends, there was nothing abnormal about my initial beliefs, but rather those beliefs were the greatest truths.
Q. What was your first experience in writing like?
In the beginning, I was a poor writer. If only because of inexperience, I was nothing more than an upstart.  But as time went on, I began to develop my craft, then an unidentified talent emerged and I became a very proficient and gifted writer. The  same thing with speaking. In the beginning, I was nervous and confused as a speaker, but one day it vanished and I developed the confidence and ability to speak with a unique and special gift.
Q. What was the most valuable lesson you learned from that experience?
To keep my eyes and ears open, and my mouth shut. You learn a lot better by listening and observing.
Q. Please tell us about the website you run, and what each of their focii are? is an online magazine and its focus is white  history, archaeology and roots with a little bit of everything thrown in. deals specifically with the ancient history and prehistory of the White Aryan Race, and opposes cultural Marxism and the blackwashing of our history, and the all-out assault on our White Aryan heritage. Aryan Talk covers the subjects featured on the other two sites, and is the future site of the Aryan Talk Radio Network which is coming very soon.
Q. What are your plans for the immediate future?
My current plants is to stay true to the movement, and work with the NSM and other like-minded organizations to built the best possible resistance for our people against cultural Marxism and International Jewry.
Q. When is your new book: “Ancient Aryans: In Search of Our Forgotten Ancestors” scheduled for release?
May, 2017
Q. What is the premise of this new book outside being about Ancient Aryans? How will this relate to or differ from your other books?
The main premise of this new book is to resist cultural Marxism and be proud of our White Aryan heritage. This is different from my other books because it is so openly pro-Aryan.  It reflects National Socialist viewpoints, and demonstrate the history and evolution of the White Aryan race.
Q. What are your plans over the next few years, for the long term, in terms of activism?
I intend to continue to work with the NSM and its allies to further the movement and work for the victory of our folk over its enemies.
Thanks for sharing your story and your ideals with our readers, Pat, and best of luck with your plans in the future!