by Billy Roper

The anti-White BBC is now trying to reassure Britons that the nonWhite Muslim who carried out the terror attack on the Westminster bridge and Parliament yesterday was born in Britain. If that were true, it’s further evidence that not only do nonWhite Muslims not assimilate into British society (even if such was desirable, which it is not, for the sake of British DNA and culture) once they immigrate, their children often don’t either. In fact, as the many cases of second generation European Jihadits who are the offspring of refugees and asylum-seekers demonstrates, they often become more radical and anti-White, anti-Christian, and hostile to their hosts than the original wave of parasites.

Anti-White and pro-Muslim voices even outside of the controlled media have quickly tried to twist this into meaning that Britons should, paradoxically, welcome MORE Muslim immigration:

“The Westminster attacker was British born. A British citizen. There should be no conversation about immigration in relation to the attack.”
Of course, some of the open-borders advocates are simply Jewish, so their motives are more understandable:
“The attacker was a British citizen born in Britain. After apologising Arron can tell us whether that makes him less…


Even less inspiring of confidence is the revelation that the terrorist had been under investigation by the British M15, their internal national security bureau similar to the American F.B.I.. Eight others have been arrested in connection with the attack, in Birmingham and London. While he has not yet been publicly named, his ties to Muslim extremist organizations was known to authorities. And yet, here we are, with three innocent dead and forty injured, and the whole country on edge due to one camel-raper with a kitchen knife and a car key.

So, what does the terrorist being British-born mean? It means that the problem isn’t immigrants, that’s quite true. The problem is multiculturalism and diversity. The problem is letting in nonWhites and Muslims, who will inevitably breed more nonWhites and Muslims. Strictly speaking, the liberals are correct. The issue is not immigration, itself. The issue is nonWhites and Muslims.

Making nonWhites citizens, here or there, doesn’t magically sprinkle pixie dust on them and make them like us, or make them similar to us, however much anti-Whites may be in denial about the cultural and biological reality of diversity.