Anti-White liberals took to twitter on March 25th to attack an elderly black woman who supports the South Carolina Secessionist Party after she retweeted Billy Roper’s posted article discussing on his website that the impeachment of President Donald Trump may lead to a civil war. The anti-White activists, one of whom uses their Twitter profile to brag about murdering people with whom they disagree politically, then attempted to engage Roper in taunts and insults, but ended up stopping after being embarrassed when he called them out for their cowardice and challenged them to meet him in person.

The antiWhites then posted this article on their rarely updated and even more seldom visited website:

“South Carolina Secessionist Party’s Second Annual Flag Raising speaker is retweeting white nationalist Billy Roper…

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Folks, I’ve been saying this all along. Arlene Barnum is nothing more than a carny sideshow act. She is the supposed saving black grace of the white Neo-Confederate hate movement. A human shield against the charge of “racism”. She regularly encourages “oppressed” whites to stand up for themselves. She’s nothing more than a black white nationalist. And now, she’s retweeting longtime, shape-shifting Neo-Nazi/Klansman/white nationalist Billy Roper?

Billy Roper. (Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)
Folks, lest we forget that this is the same woman who will be a featured speaker at the South Carolina Secessionist Party’s Second Annual cross burning… I mean, flag raising in Columbia, South Carolina. Bessenger hides behind homosexuality, and Barnum hides behind her alleged blackness.

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They deserve each other.”

 What do anti-Whites call a female Uncle Tom? An Aunt Tammy?