by Billy Roper

When they found out about the ShieldWall Network and Shield Maidens participation in the White Lives Matter red balloon release to memorialize the victims of White genocide scheduled for May 20th, British environmentalists immediately objected. What was their problem? The balloons might harm sea birds, or seals. Really. After it was explained to them that the Arkansas Ozarks, where the red balloon release is scheduled to take place, is 4,500 miles away from the U.K., they were still upset. Now, mind you, we’re a thousand miles from the nearest ocean. The likelihood of any of our balloons coming within sight of a seal or a pelican, who are apparently creatures too stupid to distinguish between a balloon and food, is remote in the extreme. But such is the depths of ecological idiocy that, posting pictures of a seal saying “I am someone, not a something“, they argued that even biodegradable balloons might be harmful to sea life because they take too long to break down. They apparently oppose the use of all plastics, whatsoever.

This begs the question, what’s to stop sea creatures whom Darwin would say are too retarded to avoid extinction from choking to death on rocks, or bits of wood, or seaweed, if they’re that dumb? In an age when the U.S. has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by half over the last twenty years while China has tripled theirs, why is their focus on railing against a few dozen red balloons floating up halfway around the world? Is there no worse litter, say, in Scotland or Ireland or their nearest Muslim neighborhood? Or perhaps they’re too scared to tell them to clean up their kebabs?

The White Lives Matter red balloon release memorializes women and children who have been brutally murdered by nonWhites. Since every day the White percentage of the world population decreases, Whites are the world’s most endangered species. According to the radical environmentalists, though, the seals and sea birds are more important than White genocide. Their priorities are badly off, but if through their inanity they help spread the word about our efforts and the red balloon release, then they will have played their role in the food chain, as well. Thanks for taking part, seal lovers! I would clap, but it’s hard to do balancing this ball on my nose.

By the way, blacks in Namibia club 90,000 seals to death every year, 85,000 of them cute little baby seals. Do you think the environmentalists are bitching at them? No, they’re whining at us for releasing helium balloons. Typical liberal idiocy.

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even ‘biodegradable’ balloons are harmful – taking years to break down – plenty of time to maim and/or kill !!



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White Lives Matter red third Saturday in May! Please ask them to reconsider…..

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