by Billy Roper

Whenever I talk to a millennial who self-identifies as a member of the Alt Right, I’m often impressed with their knowledge and awareness of what they call the JQ, the ‘Jewish Question’, and with how radicalized many of them are becoming as Alt Lite race traitors such as Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, and their ilk are abandoned for the unworthy cucks they are. Like our Founding Fathers ironically did with the anti-Colonial British song “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, the most mature members of the Alt Right are taking the ‘purity spiral’ label and running with it. Most of them have bypassed Jared Taylor and the whole mongolophile, ‘Jews are White’ cucked corner entirely.

It’s, sniff, like watching your boys grow up into becoming men, sniff. But I want, as one of the elders of the tribe, to make sure that the new generation of young bucks coming up have a solid understanding of not just White heritage and culture, but the history of the White Nationalist movement, as well. If for nothing else, so ya’ll don’t repeat our mistakes without learning from them, first. Where to begin? Do you know who Bob Mathews and David Lane were? You know, the Order? How about George Lincoln Rockwell? Dr. William Pierce? Pastor Richard Butler?

Some of us still alive are worth reading up on, too. Matt Hale. Harold Covington. Don Black. David Duke. Billy Roper. Yeah, him, too. There’s some gray in the beard, these days.

I hope that when I begin The Roper Report podcasts again on April 20th, I’ll be able to devote some of each segment to White Nationalist history, and discuss some of these folks whom you youngsters should know about. Those who came before. Who paved the way, so to speak. Just so you know how we got here, and don’t think this appeared out of a vacuum.

Take some time away from shitposting and Google the names above. I’ll be frank with you, (Hi, Frank!), our enemies are some of the best sources for movement history, so long as you take their editorializing with such a grain of salt that your mind automatically substitutes a positive adjective for every negative one you read, just as a subconscious act of translation. Here’s the SPLC’s outdated and hurtfully biased public profile on your sincere author, for example. Some of us are going to be in this game for a while longer, yet. It might pay you to get know us, since you’re new in town.

I don’t say this out of pride or arrogance, but because it will save you a lot of heartache in the long run to learn the easy way, from our experiences, what works and what doesn’t. That way you won’t get burned out or locked up, you’ll have the stamina for the long struggle ahead, and someday you can say to some young neophyte, “look, kid, let me tell you how not to do it…”

That’s the circle of life, Mustafa.