by Billy Roper

Most people who aren’t necessarily Bible scholars have a hard time wrapping their minds around how long ago many of the Biblical events, especially those in the Old Testament, actually happened. This chart helps keep major events in the correct chronological order, and gives us a pretty accurate framework of time scale, especially from about 4,000 B.C. forward.

Please note that 722 B.C., or about 2,772 years ago, was when the ten lost Israelite tribes were taken away into the Assyrian captivity, and spread northwards, crossing the Caucuses Mountains into Europe. This is why, even though not all Whites are the descendants of Israelites, all true descendants of the Biblical Israelites are Whites of European ancestry, and all Whites are referred to as ‘Caucasians’, today. It was those lost Israelites whom Jesus said in Mathew Ch. 15 that he had come solely to save.