I have reserved the private meeting room in (a North-central Arkansas town) for our meeting on Saturday, May 20th. I’ll let everyone know exactly what time and which place it will be closer to the event date. Please do not post or share the name of the city or any more detailed information publicly, in order to make sure that our venue remains secure. Please DO invite all of your friends to attend, if they are like-minded. (You CAN discuss it on the private facebook group, since that is how several affiliates stay in touch).
At the meeting, we will finalize plans for our summer campout, which is open to all ShieldWall Network and Shield Maiden affiliates and their families.
We also will discuss our progress on the five challenge steps to becoming a person of influence in our respective communities. As a reminder, they are:
Challenge One: Locate meeting places for like-minded people near you: gun shops, shooting ranges, local and County Republican parties, Veteran’s organizations, and Tea Party groups can be cherry-picked for those who are of similar values, and amenable to radicalization.
Challenge Two: Get involved in local community groups, volunteerism, and social events. Become known and accepted as an insider. Attend city council meetings, school board meetings, or any other local civic events, (4H, etc.) especially if you have children. Get to know your local and County police, as many in law enforcement share our values, and may be very useful in the future. Even those who do not, and will not, are still better known, than unknown. The same is true for local elected officials, of course. Remember, we are co-opting them, they are not co-opting us.
Challenge Three: Get to know your neighbors, starting with those closest to you. Be friendly, pick up trash alongside the shared road, invite them over for a barbecue, have play dates between their children and yours, or give them your number to call if there’s anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood that you need to take a united stand on. Make a point to touch base with them regularly. Earn their trust, for future influence.
Challenge Four: Begin feeling them all out for potential radicalization and usefulness as a part of The ShieldWall Network. What resources or skills do they have? What experiences, such as job or military, do they bring to the table? How far along the path can they be brought towards us, ideologically?
Challenge Five: Coordinate with other members of The ShieldWall Network, comparing the available resources and areas of expertise which you’ve located and accessed. Develop a list of desired resources and skill sets which are still lacking in the network, and work to develop a plan to actively seek out and recruit new individuals with those specific assets.
After our meeting, we will hold a White Lives Matter red balloon release to honor the victims of White genocide. Very simply, we will have red helium filled balloons on which we will write the name of a victim of White genocide with sharpies or magic markers, and release them. People who find them will then Google the victim’s names, typically. They will learn about their deaths. In that way, our message will be spread, and more of our people awakened.
This White Lives Matter red balloon release will take place in a city park during a well-attended public event, where we will blend in and not draw attention simply by our presence, BUT more people will witness the red balloon release. As those who attended our last meeting saw, there were NO negative repercussions, from law enforcement or anyone else, due to our much more overt  and public activity for the White Man’s March in a much more diverse area. So, noone should be afraid to release a red balloon with the name of a murdered White woman or child on it in order to memorialize the victims of White genocide.
I’m already excited about this meeting, and hope that you all can be there, as well as some new people who didn’t make it to the last one!
Best Regards,