Written by: E.B.
We live in a world today that is at war with itself. Women in today’s society are forced in to two opposing boxes that the left has readily labeled without second thought: The Proud Whore and The Lost Wife.
Those in the ever expanding “Slut Box” have wide mouths that quickly cry victim when their male counterparts cat call them yet their legs grow even wider with each notch on their polyamourous bed post. The hypocrisy of this group never seems to end as they take pride in a hook up culture that decimates individual self worth while bolstering the group in some hollow notion that giving away our bodies like Mardi Gras beads is somehow the definition of empowerment. These women inevitably end up old and alone as each passing year makes them more and more used and undesirable. After years of sexual depravity, these third wave feminists then shout to the roof tops that they prefer the life of solitude, crying that they “don’t need a man”. In truth, they lay awake at night recounting past mistakes and fears of an uncertain future, just like every woman . The only difference between us and them? We can shift the pillows and see the face of a mate who has vowed to help us make sense of yesterday and keep us safe from the woes of tomorrow. These carousel horses have found themselves on the merry-go-round  of self full filling prophecy.  As years pass and their cheap beauty fades, they become the old, worn out ride that blasts songs of cheer and utilizes dim lighting to hide the crumbling facade and squeaky gears of a miserable existence.
Despite their own sexualized self-mutilation, the members of this first category are quick to point the finger at the traditional woman and scoff in shame. They claim that women in this group are lost and sad little housewives, dependent upon a man to gift them with self worth. Little do these poor souls know, the never ending value that comes from fulfilling that part of every woman’s natural instinct. Feminists claim to be progressive idealists who believe that being in the kitchen is “keeping women oppressed” yet they fail to realize that with every home cooked meal, every child kissed good night, and every husband sent safely off to work, the traditional woman feels more self assured, more free, more true to herself than any night of bar hopping and random one night stands every could. The role of the wife and mother has been a part of the natural order for as long as humanity has existed. Women have the natural and biological need to care for and protect those that inhabit their home. When we do not have that task to anchor us, we are often tortured by an incompleteness so overwhelming that we become consumed. In truth, I have found that most of today’s feminists have found their path to their ideology because they failed to put their selfishness aside and find a counterpart who can treat them with the dignity that a Traditionalist woman requires. You see, this is where the 3rd wavers have truly misunderstood us. They believe that we simply settle into disproportionate arrangements with some random man that trapped us in the kitchen and said “you shall be my slave, woman”. They do not understand, or perhaps refuse to understand, that traditional women require, no demand, a man who respects our value and importance in the home. A traditional man does not look at his wife and the mother of his children and think that he is ‘keeping her in her place’. More often than not, he is acutely aware of the fact that this woman is the axis on which his whole world turns. While the men are in charge of the ever changing macrocosm that is business, politics, industry, etc, it is their female counterparts who become the instrumental guardians and leaders of the microcosm. The traditional man and woman relationship is much like Earth. The world that we see is the outer crust. A constant negotiation between moving plates that vie for their place of power and battle for continued existence. That is the strata of the man. Big and expansive and evolving. But, the core is what brings gravitational balance to this world. That is the strata of woman. Constant and warm and vital, despite being seemingly unseen from the onlooking stars. Neither section is more valuable than the other, and they work in tandem to insure not only survival but a flourishing future for the next generation.
So Ladies, when you lay in bed tonight, ask yourselves: is it better to be a “Proud Whore” or a “Lost Wife”? I say that we should instead be the Proud wife. Let them be the lost ones. Find the power in your apron strings, because you are tying more than an accoutrement… you are providing balance to a world that would freeze and stagnate without you.