by Billy Roper

We all know that most anti-White liberals, whether Jewish, nonWhite mongrel, or treasonous Whites, live in clustered and cloistered metropolitan areas where they can live among their own kind, like the denial-driven plague avoiders in Poe’s ‘The Masque of the Red Death’. Their urban enclaves, walled in cities and along the coasts, are fortresses of purposeful delusion. Blue America’s denizens are shallow, plastic, smug, condescending, and righteously indignant about their own ignorance. They’re shielded from the real-world results of their policies and their platforms, unlike the people those laws affect. Really, they prefer it that way.

Some liberals, though, fear being so isolated. They sense just how out of touch they are from the rest of the country, geographically and culturally and politically. The last time a ruling class was so disconnected from the majority, it ended in the guillotine.

Ross Douthat, in today’s New York Times Sunday Review, suggests breaking up liberal cities, or breaking out of their encirclement, by moving centers of media and government and academic power into the hinterlands:

“But if they are diverse in certain ways they are segregated in others, from “whiteopias” like Portland to balkanized cities like D.C. or Chicago. If they are dynamic, they are also so rich — and so rigidly zoned — that the middle class can’t afford to live there and fewer and fewer kids are born inside their gates. If they are fast-growing it’s often a growth intertwined with subsidies and “too big to fail” protection; if they are innovation capitals it’s a form of innovation that generates fewer jobs than past technological advance. If they produce some intellectual ferment they have also cloistered our liberal intelligentsia and actually weakened liberalism politically by concentrating its votes.”

What Ross and frightened liberals like him who smell their own blood forget is what those of us outside the gates remember: the plague was spread by rats fleeing ships, carrying the pestilence with them. We don’t want their government buildings, their media propaganda centers, their diversity, or their sick liberalism. We don’t want them, themselves, period. When America balkanizes, rural militias will put up roadblocks around the blue enclaves, reverse siege them, and shoot any who try to flee. We will sit on the hoods of our pickup trucks, our guns across our laps, and listen to their screams as their pets eat them. Grinning about it. The very thought makes me smile, already. Tingling with anticipation, to repeat a phrase I’ve been known for.

Until then, party on, dude.