Forty-four year old White male Jamie Urton was publicly lynched in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday (3/24/17).

We’ve all seen how black kids often run around in the street like wild monkeys escaped from the zoo. Their progenitors are usually too busy getting stoned or drinking off their foahties to be decent parents and supervise their own children. That seems to have been what happened in Cincinnati, leading to the death of a man who was killed for caring.

Mr. Jamie Urton, who was White, and another co-worker had just left their jobs when a four year old black future gang-banger skampered out into the road in front of the car. Its parent tried to claim later to the media that Mr. Urton literally drove up on to the curb to hit the chimp, but crime scene pictures of the car’s position show him to be lying, as usual. It does seem probable that the father himself was also standing out in the middle of the street as he admitted, like porch apes often do in their native habitat, distracting the driver. The fledgling welfare recipient was only slightly injured in the accident, but at least three black males immediately attacked Mr. Urton when he stopped to check on the chimp. They rushed the car, dragged him out, and began beating him and his co-worker. They tried to defend themselves, but both were severely beaten. Then, the blacks pulled at least one gun and viciously shot Jamie Urton several times, leaving him lying in the street to die.

The murder took place in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, in census track 267, which is 91% black.

Pictures of the victim and the crime scene can be seen in the story HERE.

As one commentator expressed:

Racist black thugs have a history of dragging white drivers out of their vehicles, and beating them within an inch of their lives, even when no unsupervised black child has caused an accident.

Thus, any compassion a white driver (or any other white dealing with blacks in a black area) shows towards blacks is turned by them into a weapon against him. The moral of the story is, if you are white, you must train yourself to not show compassion towards blacks in black-dominated areas, but instead treat them as your mortal enemies.

Hit the gas.”

Always have a loaded firearm with you at all times. Always be ready and willing to use it. Even liberals know which interstate exits are safe to take, and which ones are not, and why. If you MUST be in majority nonWhite areas, show no mercy to our racial enemies. They will show none to you.

Black Lives don’t Matter, and if they are in the street, they should be treated as speed bumps. This is not the first time Whites have been targeted by blacks, and dragged out of their cars to be brutally attacked. It’s happened over and over again, in places like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York, Charlotte, Milwaukee, and now in Cincinnati.

Whites need to realize that we are already in an undeclared race war. The fact that in general only one side is currently striking blows in the conflict doesn’t make it any less real. Don’t be added to the list of victims. Remember Jamie Urton, but don’t join him.