by Billy Roper

Civic Nationalism not only cannot do more than temporarily prolong the inevitable collapse, it leads from ‘law and order’ conservatism to raceless, establishment- propping- up authoritarianism. By bayonet point, through force from above, is the only way that multiracialism can be maintained. Diversity destroys freedom. You cannot have the two at once. Personally, as a National Socialist, I think BOTH are overrated.

So, it won’t be a question of fighting for multiracial democracy, a corruption of the vision of the White Nationalist Founding Fathers who established our White republic. It will be multiracial autocracy, the inverse of their ideal.

If the United States does not become more and more a totalitarian police state, it will balkanize and break up, pure and simple. Those in power understand that. Do you?

Here’s a philosophical discussion of how dictatorship, verbatim, can be used to enforce artificial multiculturalism.