by Tina, Coordinator of the Shield Maidens

“Can’t we all just get along? ”

We have all heard liberals asking that question in reference to wanting us to embrace diversity, but I’m wondering if that question can be applied within our movement. Over the last ten years that I’ve watched the cyber part of the movement, I have seen many try and give up on the idea that our people can unite for the sake of preserving our race. I have watched countless, ugly and dramatic infighting among those in organizations, of course then there is the fighting among different organizations. I understand that especially when it comes to religion, we are divided. Also, those who think welcoming homosexuality and Jews… well, I see them as destructive to the cause and this is not a question I would ask them.

I especially wonder why the females in the movement can’t get along… ladies, if the liberal females can join forces in the thousands, why in the world can’t we join forces even in the hundreds? We, as women, should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. I ask no one to set their beliefs aside and be a doormat, however I ask that we agree to disagree on some issues and try to work together on a common ground issue. There are little girls watching who could really use some role models and if our women don’t stop isolating ourselves, those little girls will be lost to the hoards of screeching vagina costumes and nonwhite men. If you are in this movement, then I know you don’t want that for our little girls futures, nor do you want our boys to grow up lost to effeminate multicultural society and struggling to find a wife that is for our people. Our children are watching us and they are also watching the hoards of liberals.

We need to step away from the technology and gather in person, help our people who really need some uplifting, let them know they are not alone in this crazy world. I’m not imagining some hand holding, rainbow and unicorns by asking this, I’m not delusional. I’m just asking if we can unite in an effort to show the next generation that liberals don’t rule the world. If we can’t, well… what are we fighting for?