by Billy Roper

Another White Nationalist leader, whose initials are H.A.C., and myself were having an online discussion recently about Colin Jordan’s quote that people in our movement have too big hearts and too small brains. I responded by saying that perhaps the real problem was that they need bigger testicles. He responded that he agreed, but because he isn’t physically able to provide an example for them to follow, he doesn’t head down that path. I understand exactly what he means, I’m not posting this from the grave or a federal prison, either. But I think that maybe we can help out some of the younger millennial folks to get a little bit bolder and more courageous. So, how can we encourage those folks? Imagine that you were one of them. What would I tell you, to get you started down the road to heroism?

Let’s talk baby steps. First, get out from behind your keyboard, where you’re comfortable with your dozen anonymous screen names and LARPing to your heart’s safe content. Use your forums and chat rooms and social media to find people in your area. IM or e-mail them, and chat for a bit. Make a date to have a cup of coffee with them. That’s right, actually meet somebody face to face, IRL. Trust me, it will be okay. Let them call you “Betty” if it makes you feel better, the first time. Pretend you’re in a spy movie. Have fun with it. Then, widen your circle by getting to know a couple more people within driving distance. Once there are two or three of you, meeting new people will become easier, because you can go to break the ice together. Strength in numbers, and all that.

Then, do something thrilling, exhilarating, and sure to help you grow some hair without Rogaine. Throw out some literature together. Either make your own, with a simple pro-White message such as “Diversity = White Genocide” made with Word, or print off some from your favorite White Nationalist website. Have a rolling party to build up to actually doing the deed where you place a couple of different flyers together for ballast weight, roll them into scrolls with text or image showing on the outside, and roll a rubber band around them. Experiment with how tightly to roll them so the heft is right. Then, pick a quiet neighborhood. One person drives, while the other person in the passenger seat tosses the scrolls out of their open window onto driveways. Don’t put them in or on mailboxes or anywhere that the newspaper company doesn’t. Drive slow and careful. A couple of times out like this, and you’ll build the camaraderie to take the next step. Put them under the windshield wipers of cars in a large parking lot, a few at the time.

Next, walk down the sidewalk and hand them to selected people you meet. Don’t debate with them or argue, just say, “Hi, here’s some information for you.” If they want to argue, just say “thank you” and walk away. You’re protected by the first amendment.

At some point, you’re going to work yourself up to getting some magic markers and poster boards and having a standing protest displaying a pro-White message. Have some flyers with you in case some people are interested in talking to you about it more. Putting some contact information on your flyers is a great idea. You can make the rally for as long or as short as you’d like. Choose a busy intersection in a relatively safe area. After some practice, you might choose one of your group to be a spokesman who doesn’t mind speaking to the media. Then, you can call or e-mail the local media BEFORE you have your next rally and invite them, to get some press coverage which will exponentially multiply and magnify your message. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, so long as you take it one small step at a time as I describe.

If this all seems like a bit too much for you to take on by yourself, The ShieldWall Network is here to help you get started. Get in touch with us to find out how you can become a person of influence in your community. Really, British Neo-Nazi Colin Jordan was wrong. Anyone who has ever tried to raise funds for a specific project or hold a raffle knows that White Nationalist’s hearts aren’t too big. Certainly compared to our enemies, their brains are not too small, either. What they are most lacking, due to a lifetime of liberal public school brainwashing and politically correct media indoctrination, is what I once famously called testicular fortitude. Noone is asking you to do anything illegal. When the time comes to take that kind of action, no one will have to ask. But you can step up to the plate and behave like a White man, like an Aryan, like an Alpha, a conqueror, a warrior, and a winner. It doesn’t matter how scared you are right now. You can grow a pair. We’ll tell you when to turn your head and cough.