by Billy Roper

Today’s universities and colleges are largely left-wing indoctrination centers where, just in case government-ran public schools didn’t brainwash kids enough, they are steeped in social justice activism and browbeaten by Marxist anti-White professors and administration to the point of collapse. With very few exceptions, most White people can find vocational training or degree programs for careers which will not leave them in debt financially through monstrous student loans and turned against their people through four years of psychological torture. That’s why I encourage young White people to learn a trade, and not waste their time and money in college.

Free speech for Whites is nonexistent or muted, and extreme left ideologies rule the day. Witness this example, where a radical Muslim professor claimed that Jesus’ disciples did not believe that He was the son of God, and that He was not actually crucified. When a Christian student courageously challenged the Muslim lies, the way the professor and the university responded will shock you.

White kids: learn a trade, get a job, or go through a technical or vocational training program. You’ll be far better off, in the long run. Join the National Guard, to avoid the worst of the anti-White indoctrination of the regular armed forces while still receiving the training, access, and financial benefits involved. Leave college to the lefties. That way, when the time comes, we can target campuses with our field artillery with a minimum of collateral damages.