The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women By:E.B. Part 1

The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women

By: E.B.

from ‘The Shield Maidens‘ website.

“The woman has her own battlefield with every child she brings into the world she fights a battle for the nation”

I have spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to come to terms with my traditionalist values. Not because I believed those values were wrong, but because I had spent so much of my life hearing rhetoric that told me that my desire to be the princess, the wife, the mother… was some how negating my strength and the strength of millions of women before me. It was a small struggle recognizing how I had fallen for the liberal agenda that teaches women that their nature is destructive and we should all burn our bras, leave our armpits hairy and have emotionless sex with anyone and everyone. Of course, I never went to huge extremes but I felt the overwhelming pull towards traditionalism and a simultaneous fear of social castration if I followed through with that internal desire. 

Once I finally accepted that part of me couldn’t keep hiding anymore, I had to face a sad reality: traditional values have become the counter culture and the expectation of a woman in today’s society is essentially to be a man with breast (and, frankly not even that counts anymore because they can simply be taken on or off like a pair of cheap shoes).

When I first began my path towards being a woman of the Fourth realm, I wanted to really delve into what that meant both to myself as an individual but also to the society around me and the society that will generated through me. I researched the ideologies of great leaders, the expectations of women during the peak of traditionalism, and stayed up many a night trying to pinpoint exactly what I believed in, would battle for, and would build the foundation of my future family on. I’ve found that there are 8 primary ideals of a Traditionalist woman and I will expand on each in different parts.

1 – Symbiosis Between the Worlds

2 – Refusing Guilt of the Complicit

3 – Bearing the Burden 

4 – The Value of Natural Beauty

5 – Permanence

6 – Emotional Acceptance

7 – The Portrait of a Lady

Part 1 – Symbiosis Between the Worlds 

(a.k.a. Know Your Place, Love Your Place)

“Providence has entrusted to the woman the cares of that world which is her very own, and only on the basis of this smaller world can the man’s world be formed and built up. The two worlds are not antagonistic. They complement each other,”

Feminists today often claim that we live in a world drowning in misogyny, but I have come to believe that neither gender is more powerful than the other. Instead, I believe that the two genders are congruent puzzle pieces. Man and woman are designed to work in tandem.  When we see that truth, it is easy to recognize that women are not meant to pick up arms and battle for freedom any more than a man is meant to pick up an infant and feed it from his breast. 

Since the beginning, men have instinctually known that their responsibility was to be strong protecters of the gentler sex with stone or sword or shotgun while women were responsible for providing a haven worthy for men to protect with dignity and honor. Yet, the two worlds have become so embattled and conflated that both responsibilities are lost. Homes are in broken. Men are weak-willed and women are cheap. Families are simply strangers living under the same roof.

Today’s children are growing up too fast, losing any sense of respect, and degrading themselves en masse. Why? When a woman comes home from work, she is incredibly tired and still has a laundry list of things left to do (including laundry). Since a woman’s physical stamina is less than a male, it’s hard not to rely on the path of least resistance. So the solution? She turns on the television, hands over an iPad, or sends them to the gaming consoles. These cold and lifeless tools tend to her children for hours on end and subsequently all concepts of etiquette and dignity are lost to satellite waves and good wifi. 

A man can work long, brutal days and still have the energy and inclination to come home and fix the things that need their attention. Women are often so mentally and physically exhausted that she reaches out for help from what ever tool is quickest and easiest. I’m not saying I blame women. Sometimes it is hard to juggle so much housework and childcare AND have a full time job. But, our culture has pushed for the ‘women in the workforce’ mentality so hard that women are forced to be spread too thin, so she, her children, and her husband must skimp on their most basic needs. 

Of course, the counter-argument to this in the new liberal ideology is that this gives men the opportunity to be ‘equal parents’. Absolute rubbish. What this mentality does is force a singular entity to carry on both roles thus conflate and diminishing them both. Men have their own, unique role to their children. They are supposed to be a source of discipline and pride. They are supposed to ‘prepare them for the real world’ and teach them skills and focus through life lessons and personal example. Women are supposed to be the healers, the emotional support and guidance. Not a single one of these tools is less important than the other, and despite all argument to the contrary, each tool is best utilized by the gender who naturally masters it.