Last year Gallup polling canvassed 177,788 adults in all 50 states asking them to place themselves in one of five categories:

Very conservative




Very liberal

Conservatives outnumber liberals in 44 of the 50 states!

 Liberals outnumbered conservatives in only four states, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.  The most liberal state was Sen. Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont.

 And here are the Most Conservative States and their edge

Wyoming                             35%

North Dakota                     31%

Mississippi                          31%

Oklahoma                           30%

Alabama                              30%

Arkansas                              28%

Idaho                                    28%

Louisiana                             27%

Montana                             26%

Utah                                      26%

Some of these states are highly polarized within their boundaries. For example, the Whites in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi are very conservative, but those states have a high black percentage of their populations, as well. That’s less true for Utah, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming. I was somewhat surprised that California wasn’t higher on the liberal list, but it seems that the northeast corner of the country is the MOST left wing region, still. When America balkanizes, they are likely to join the mid-Atlantic region to form a coastal multiracial rump country.

Bye, Felicia.