by Billy Roper

One of the first ‘fringe’ books I ever read was ‘The Anarchist Cookbook‘. It’s loaded with a lot of recipes and descriptions for how to make improvised explosives and weapons, most of which don’t really work too well in practice, but are interesting, all the same. I first ordered ‘The Anarchist Cookbook‘ from Paladin Press, which I found out about from the back ad of an ‘American Survival Guide‘ magazine when I was a teenager. I also got connected to my first IRL preppers and survivalists through that publication, back when it included a ‘Survivalist Directory’ to encourage networking, long before the interwebs.

It was through Paladin Press that I ordered ‘Turner Diaries‘ and ‘Hunter‘ after ordering ‘The Anarchist Cookbook‘, and from the ads in the back of them that I came to join the National Alliance in the early 1990’s. I would later go on to work with Dr. Pierce for the last couple of years of his life at the NA HQ in WV.

“I detest symbolic protest, as it is an outcry of weak, middle-of-the-road, liberal eunuchs. If an individual feels strongly enough about something to do something about it, then he shouldn’t prostitute himself by doing something symbolic. He should get out and do something real.” -The Anarchist Cookbook

William Powell, the author of ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’, had later wished he hadn’t written the book, and spent his latter years doing charity work to atone, according to this Guardian article on his death. 

However, had it not been for him and his book, I probably never would have met Dr. Pierce and become a lifelong, committed racial activist. I’d have been a racist, but not the racist I am. So, there you, go. If you want to blame somebody, blame him.

Despite your apostasy, rest in peace, Mr. Powell, and thank you.