Jamie Urton, the White Cincinnati man lynched by three black males who severely beat him, then shot him to death in broad daylight in the middle of the street in front of witnesses, has still not had justice. However, police may be close to making an arrest in the case. One week ago today, Urton, who was White, and a co-worker were driving through a predominantly black neighborhood after work when they encountered a group of black males standing blocking the street. When Urton attempted to drive around them, a black youth darted in front of the vehicle, striking it. Urton stopped to make sure that the urban youth wasn’t badly injured, and was immediately attacked by a group of black men, as was his co-worker. Urton was then murdered, execution style, by several gunshots. Both the father of the urban youth and Urton’s co-worker can identify the attackers, and the Cincinnati police know that the murderers live in that neighborhood. Because of the racial nature of the hate crime, though, with the victim being White and the perpetrators being black, the case has not received the kind of news coverage which it would have, if the races of the victim and the perpetrators had been reversed. The black neighborhood has closed ranks around the murderers, and refused to reveal their names to the media, either. Update: as of early this morning police have a suspect in mind, and a warrant for his arrests which they are currently seeking to serve.