by Billy Roper

Past American Renaissance conferences have included homosexuals and Jews before, of course, with Jared Taylor repeatedly stating that he believes Jews are White and morality does not matter. Since he was raised in Japan and had an anime fetish before the Alt Lite made it cool, Taylor has been enamored of Asians, too, proclaiming that they should be allowed in White society and, in another dishonest disregard for academic and scientific truth, that they are more intelligent than Whites.

They’re fleecing hundreds of dollars each from well-intentioned Whites again this summer near Nashville. Some of them say that they will ally with anyone: Jews, homosexuals, ANYONE, who wants to slow nonWhite immigration. What they are too naive to realize is that, as a friend of mine brilliantly noted when discussing AmRen, the Jews are master manipulators and infiltrators, and have been for centuries. They recognize the loophole of desperate Whites being willing to let them slither in and insinuate themselves into ostensibly pro-White groups. That’s how they enter them, rise in the ranks through their shrill volume and influential donations, and co-opt them, making those groups, like AmRen, into their own controlled opposition.

Others say that AmRen and other soft, Alt Lite type organizations serve a purpose as entry level organizations, and that may be the case, IF people are continually radicalizing out of them rightwards. If they are not, then either they have risen as far as they are capable of, or they are there intentionally trying to divert people away from the full truth of the Jewish question and a more exacting definition of Whiteness. Every one of us went through the third grade. The point is not to remain there, though, nor to repeat it, but to graduate to the next level of knowledge and understanding. If a third grade teacher tells students that the things those fourth graders learn in wrong-headed and destructive and too hard, then they are not doing them a service. They are purposefully hindering their development. Such is the case with Jared Taylor and AmRen.

“AR has taken an implicit position on Jews by publishing Jewish authors and inviting Jewish speakers to AR conferences. It should be clear to anyone that Jews have, from the outset, been welcome and equal participants in our efforts.” -Jared Taylor

And, what is the cause and effect of Taylor’s inclusion of Jews?

“Taylor previously featured a hard-line pro-Zionist New York-based Rabbi, Meyer Schiller, as the keynote speaker at a previous conference. The Forward newspaper, a prominent American Jewish publication, has said that Schiller reports that his influence with Taylor has helped bring about positive feelings for the American Jewish cause on Taylor’s part, and thereby helped stimulate other Americans who follow Taylor’s teachings to think likewise.”

Read that last line again, before you support Jared Taylor with your time, energy, and shekels.