According to the 2000 Census, Little Rock was less than 3% Hispanic at the turn of the century. Since then that percentage has more than doubled, to 7%.

At a forum to make Little Rock into a Sanctuary City for illegal immigrants held Saturday, the affirmative-action promoted black Little Rock Chief of Police told the crowd of 100, most of them illegal immigrants or their advocates, that he will NOT help enforce Federal immigration laws. Kenton Buckner, the obese, bald negro, bragged that “Eleven percent of the officers hired since June 2014, when Buckner was sworn in as police chief, have been Hispanic, according to the department.”

In addition to the step-and-fetchit negro police chief and the greasy, illegal immigrant spics, at least one self-loathing cucked formerly White beta was present, as well, along with his feminist anti-White wife.

“Jason Smith said he traveled from Arkadelphia with his wife to attend the forum Saturday. He said they’re Christians and want to help ensure that immigrants, legal or not, can live safely with “basic human rights and basic human dignity.”

“I think we’re in a moment with national politics where it’s really divisive,” Smith said. “And I think that it’s important on a local level to show that we’re supportive of our immigrant neighbors, whether they be undocumented or not.”

Just as Jared Taylor grew up in Japan and so developed an unnatural love for Asians, and Andrew Anglin caught yellow fever in the Phillipines, and Myra Houser grew up in southern Africa so she’s a mudshark, Jason Smith grew up in Costa Rica, and loves him some spics. What he doesn’t like is immigration laws, or the principles and ideals of our Founding Fathers, or the Bible’s admonitions against race mixing.

In Seminary school he focused on “Urban Ministry”. He’s on the Board of Directors of ‘Interfaith Arkansas’. You know the kind of Judeo he is. Right here.

Now, Jason Smith doesn’t live in Little Rock. He lives at 1017 N 10th Street, in Arkadelphia. Why was he at a meeting about the Little Rock Police Department’s policy towards illegal immigrants? Because he’s an anti-White SJW kind of cuck.

Of course, Jason is the beta cuck in his team. The real pants in the family are worn by his wife, a feminist who kept her maiden name. She was at the meeting to promote Little Rock becoming a Sanctuary City, too. Her name is Myra Houser. She’s so liberal that she went to Vienna, Austria, to lecture European academics about the evils of Apartheid South Africa, and the “martyrdom” of “intellectual” Steven Biko, a Black Nationalist who endeavored to make South Africa the declining rape and murder center that it is today.

She also wrote an article for the “Africa Is A Country” website whining about White colonialism and genocide in the dark continent.

When she was in grad school, Myra wrote for the “Progressive Christian Channel”, for a feminist woman pastor, and was a bigtime promoter of the Jewish “Shalom” scholarship for world peace. 

She got her Ph.D. in African History, naturally, from Howard University in D.C.. Here she discusses her support for socialism, which she says was oppressed along with blacks and Jews in South Africa.

Myra loves to pontificate about how racist even self-described liberal Whites are, and, oh yeah, White privilege.

Dr. Houser’s e-mail at the university, where she works hard to brainwash young college kids, and got her beta cuck huswife a job, is Her twitter account is @myramt.

Take a look at her (((face))). I don’t know; “Houser”, “Houser”….French, is it?