Book Review by Billy Roper

Karl Delling is a new White Nationalist author who writes from a distinctly pagan perspective that is at times contemptuous of modern Christianity. As a Christian Identist, that usually isn’t a draw for me, but I went through a similar phase, as well, and I’m STILL contemptuous of modern Christianity. So, I want to judge his literary work fairly.

He has published two Kindle books, two halves of a whole, which I hope will be compiled together into a single print book in the near future. That’s why I’m reviewing them together, because they tell a united story. For now, though, Delling is venturing into the e-book market with a story of revenge, redemption, and reconquest in Scandinavia. Because of their relatively open immigration policies and generous social welfare programs, Sweden has become a huge target for nonWhite Muslim “refugees” in recent years. As even President Donald Trump noted in a controversial speech, the Muslims have brought arson, rape, and murder to the formerly peaceful nation. Many of the larger towns, such as Malmo, have witnessed epidemics of sexual assaults, and have large ‘no-go’ areas where native Swedes do not dare enter. But, what would happen, if someone fought back?

The first volume of Hailstorm: Saga of the New SS is subtitled The Frozen River, and the second, In Harm We Trust. Both are available through Amazon, at the links above. It’s a new crusade, this time on the homefront, waged by pagan Neo-Nazis against Muslim rapefugees. Even more, it feels autobiographical, as the protagonist is named Karl, and is a former Merchant Marine from Kansas, the one American in his Swedish environs with an outsider’s point-of-view and the will to take on the invaders. The protagonist is a recovering alcoholic, a husband and father, and as he comes to find out, a modern-day Viking warrior. Karl Delling is a gifted writer with a flair for visual imagery and descriptive prose. Even if you’re not an Odinist, his tale(s) are still worth your time. In my opinion the narrative would be sympathized with by every White patriot, while the vehicle Delling uses to carry it would most appeal to skinheads and pagans. If you liked Hear The Cradle Song, you’ll love Hailstorm!