The 2017 American Renaissance conference scheduled this July outside Nashville will feature as one of its advertised speakers a woman who openly and publicly brags about being of mixed racial ancestry. Tara McCarthy, who recently outed herself as being of both Asian and African ancestry and bragged about it, is listed as one the premier draws to the event, which has hosted Jewish and homosexual participants in the past.

“I speak as someone who is mixed race and who comes from a mixed race family with both Asians and Africans.” Tara told her followers on Twitter, bemoaning the higher rates of substance abuse among mixed-race persons such as herself.

Apparently concerned that some people may have missed that tweet, she doubled down, identifying herself as being of mixed race ancestry again.

Let’s be frank, the reason why Taylor invited a female speaker is to lure in more single White guys who are excited by the prospect of a racially conscious woman. Little do they know that she’s actually mixed-race! Oops, did I ruin it for them?

In a response to a new video where the mongrel offers relationship and dating advice to red-pilled people, a comment states about her that “It is ridiculous and insulting to present mixed-race people to advise us on love and friendship.”

It’s not clear what degree of nonWhite ancestry Tara has; she may not have enough Asian DNA to satisfy Andrew Anglin or Richard Spencer’s dating preferences. But it’s obviously enough, by her own admission, to disqualify her from any leadership or spokesperson status in the pro-White movement.