Social media outlets which routinely censor, suspend and Shoah the accounts of White people who express politically incorrect opinions are harboring potential child molesters. The Twitter user who goes by the name “James Carter”, (@EqualLuv4All), calls himself a pedosexual, and demures that there’s a difference between pedosexuality and pedophilia. Well, we knew that once gay marriage was made legal, the LGBTQ WXYZ perverts would move on to promoting and seeking to normalize the next sexual deviancy. It was a toss-up whether they would push beastiality or raping children, first. Now we know.

In a racially healthy society, there would be no question about it, “James Carter” would simply be turned over to the parents of any abused children for summary justice. If none were available, the community would just put them down like a rabid dog. If you have time to “like” a picture of a woman in a rebel flag bikini sieg heiling Trump, you have time to report his account to Twitter to at least in some small way make it clear that we haven’t sunken so far as to not care about child molesters, not yet. Then, let us fight for our own nation again, where such people would be put up against a wall, shot, and forgotten.

Report: James Carter, @EqualLuv4All, to Twitter

James Carter

St. Louis, MO.

(I’m pretty certain that he uses a fake name, and possibly a fake picture, as I’ve not been able to find any matches for the St. Louis area using that picture or name.)