Two scheduled events promise to bring more political violence to the campus of the University of California at Berkeley this month.

On Saturday, April 15th, a “Freedom Rally” is being held on the campus in support of free speech.

“My name is Rich Black and I am the founder of the Liberty Revival Alliance and the organizer for the March 4 Trump that took place on March 4th in Berkeley, CA. After many requests, I have decided to organize a return to Berkeley on April 15th. It’s called Patriots Day, and on this day we stand united against censorship.”

The left is already planning to attack the rally, as the picture demonstrates.

Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter is also scheduled to speak at Berkeley on Friday, April 28th.

As a reminder to those patriots who may wish to go lefty hunting on either date, California has very strict laws against the second amendment, so bear that in mind when planning your activities there. Besides, at this stage of the game, beating them down when you are defending yourselves without inflicting fatalities, if possible, is much better for us from a propaganda perspective. The time to finish the job will come, soon enough.