by Mircea Negres, Port Elizabeth

As I understand it, some civic organizations are calling for a nationwide shutdown of the country. Groups such as OUTA are preparing for marches in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, while calling on everybody concerned about president Jacob Zuma’s cabinet shuffle as well as the downgrading of SA’s sovereign debt to junk status (among other things like corruption) to take to the streets in order to put pressure on the ANC to get rid of Zuma. Since forcing Thabo Mbeki out in 2009, they called impeachment or at least forcing a president to step down a “recall”, so if you check out SA media, you’ll know what they mean by the term. I don’t know if a revolution is imminent, and things are quiet in Port Elizabeth right now, but it is possible one may be triggered if the government resorts to force or demonstrators get way out of hand. Mind you, demonstrations getting out of hand is a South African tradition, at least as far as the racial group pictured in the attached clip is concerned, so widespread looting, arson and mayhem is to be expected. My intention is to watch what’s happening until Friday, and if there’s a protest planned in Port Elizabeth, to attend if I can get to it. However, I’ll bug out the moment anybody resorts to “affirmative shopping” (SA slang for shoplifting or looting, a pun on “affirmative action” because you can guess who benefits) or my pale skin draws any funny comments- after taking some pictures, of course.