by Jonathan Chambers
Patriot Vigilante

The war on terror is by far the longest SHTF event I’ve ever seen. Our leaders look on, trying to grasp the complexity of the picture fast unfolding before our eyes.

For years, a violent storm of rage and chaos has been brewing in the Middle East; we can bomb them to kingdom come and still more rise up. More weapons and bombs make it into angry hands. More schemes are hatched by cold blooded killers and ruthless fanatics.

Islam spreads around the globe. Millions of it’s followers were initially welcomed in, almost like welcoming in a cute, harmless exotic pet with unusual attire and customs, mosques and calls to prayer five times a day facing Mecca, from where ever they are in the world.

What is Radical Islam? Radical Islam, or better said “fundamentalist Islam”, is the cute, exotic pet when it grows to adulthood.

It’s no longer cute, it’s no longer exotic. What we have now on our hands is a deadly beast that hates us.

What we need is to first understand the problem and, second, to take action to protect ourselves from it.There’s no denial the last four years had staggering increases in Muslim terror attacks, but who is causing them? Who’s behind these vicious murders?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Islamic State by now. They’re the biggest threat to the west right now because they are spreading the appeal and propaganda to Jihad across the world, wherever “peaceful Islam” has made it’s home in the last few decades. While this propaganda spreads and takes root, the Islamic state is doing horrible things to Christians and other non-Muslims, including planting bombs in children’s dolls that can make anyone’s stomach turn.

We’ve all heard of the countless beheadings of Christians taking place and the countless other atrocities including crucifixions. They are crucifying Christians, yes the same way Jesus was nailed to a cross 2,000 years ago, and many have simply been exterminated in a modern day holocaust.

They are also behind the most vicious terror attacks in Europe as well as the migrant crisis, and they aren’t shy in telling everyone their main target is the United States.

With this said about the Islamic State, did you know there are multiple terrorist groups that pose a threat to us and several other nations around the world?