Editor’s note: Adam and Eve were the first Whites, created in the Bible’s book of Genesis, chapter two. There were pre-Adamic people, who were nonWhites, created as described in Genesis chapter one. They failed in their dominion mandate to rule the Earth, so Adamic, White, mankind was created, and different from the previous nonWhites, were given souls by having God’s own breath breathed into them. The name Adam means “to be able to blush, to show blood in the face”, indicating his race, and the Bible states in Genesis chapter 5 that it is the book of the race of Adam, not of or about or for the nonWhite preAdamics. The following article references pre-Biblical and extra-Biblical documentation which verifies the Christian Identity perspective of Adam and Eve’s creation.
A firestorm of debate, uncivil at times,  engulfed the world of Christian Identity during the 1990s. Today, longtime racialist movement activist & scholar, the honorable Billy Roper calls upon cooler heads to prevail. Now that the Biblical exhortation to “do things decently & in order ” has been internalized , great strides in new learning can be expected. The science is more sophisticated these days. A wider range of ancient manuscripts have yielded their secrets. Ravening  wolves with bared fangs have been exposed though they had been for so long clothed as sheep. Explore, if you dare,  in this article the  blessings commanded for the true Israel of God, before the foundations of the earth were laid.
Conjuring up objective truth from ancient manuscripts is a tedious process that tires even the most tweedy professors  of Ivy League Divinity Schools. In those hallowed halls they speak of teasing out insights by drawing a multitude of inferences. Who, one might ask, is Belial? The ancient Israelites, speaking in paleo-Hebrew defined this diabolical entity  as being “without value”. Judging from the Damascus Document of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Belial is equated with the “Sons of Darkness”.  This imagery is echoed in the New Testament book of Revalation. The Dead Sea Scrolls pre-date both the Jerusalem & Babylonian Talmuds.
In 1945, a cache of documents was discovered in Egypt. These Nag Hammadi manuscripts reveal the philosophic speculations that characterized the early Church.Those freshly minted saints trod the same sand as Abraham, Issac, & Jacob. More recently the Holy Family had used those routes to escape the fury of the Edomite, Herod the (so-called) Great.Often their notions of the nature of Christ seem unsophisticated to persons such as ourselves who think nothing of using GPS to get from here to there.The Hypostasis of the Archons document of the Nag Hammadi trove describes the story of Adam & Eve in a manner comparable to the teachings of the late Dr Wesley Swift. Radio Carbon dating & examination of the internal textual clues indicate the The Hypostasis of the Archons pre-date either Talmud by at least 250 years.There are no Two-Seedline oriented references found in the rabbinic quotes of earlier times, or the Jewish legal staple, known as the Mishna.
If upon some midnight dreary, you toss and turn , hair askew & eyes all blearly, you no longer need to resort to sheep counting while waiting  for slumber to fall. After reading this article, you’ll have been introduced to the tedious passages of an Arabic inscribed set of manuscripts entitled the First & Second Books of Adam & Eve.While this material can’t be exactly dated, scholars believe that this turgid prose wended it’s way into both the Koran & Talmud.
As a body, we need to discard the notion that you can cherry pick Talmudic proof texts for everyone to be amazed by. In the Jewish world the Talmud is a de-facto hot potato.The ultra-orthodox Hassidic Masters, known by the title of “Rebbe”, can’t be bothered to engage in the issuance of Talmudic dispensations.Such work is considered so pedestrian that underlings are assigned to take part in their version of legal proceedings.
The August Paul encourages us across the centuries to “Prove all things & hold fast to that which is good”. The Psalmists of ancient Israel took note that the LORD commanded a blessing when brethren dwelled in unity. If we draw strength from the Holy Scriptures, the TRUE Israel of GOD will go on to fulfill its eternal destiny
Evangelist Bob
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