by Andrew West


There is a disturbing trend occurring all over the country in which leftists and their ilk have been actively seeking a new period of segregation among American citizens.

The social, economic, and racial divides in this country have begun deepening, thanks to the insane prophecies of the left coupling with their unwarranted anger at the election of Donald Trump as President.  They have taken America’s choice for Commander in Chief as a signal to begin their archaic and unfathomable campaign of reclassifying American society.

First, we had the ridiculous complaint from liberals and the democratic army regarding Donald Trump’s supposed, inherent racism.  The President’s campaign promises designed to keep Americans safe by enacting a temporary travel band and constructing a legitimate wall on our border with Mexico were quickly spun by the mainstream, leftist media, leading many to the conclusion that Trump was a secret racist and xenophobe.  To symbolize their opposition to Trump, liberals began to adorn themselves with safety pins.  This then allowed those who despised the President to discriminate against those who were not wearing a pin.  It was a move designed to segregate the American population, and few truly recognized that.

Of course, this sort of outright prejudice could only be possible if there was a catalyst setting us back several decades in terms of discrimination.  What was that stimulus?  It was the Black Lives Matter organization.

Black Lives Matter began simply enough as a disorganized, although seemingly well-meaning advocacy group, but was soon infiltrated by bigot and militants racists, transforming into the domestic terror organization that we knew today.  After the organized killing of 5 police in Dallas, Texas by a man sharing the ethos of the group, a new plateau of modern hate had been established.  No longer would these hidden racists be confined to the realm of secrecy.  They would now be able to practice their bigotry outright, without fear of persecution.  You see, the media’s handling of the Dallas massacre included a deeply profound campaign to distance the shooter from Black Lives Matter – a propagandist move that fooled only those who subscribe to the mainstream media hook, line, and sinker.

Now, in present-day America, we are still living under the thumb of this media delusion, and we are still residing on this new plateau.  Now that the murder of 5 police officers is the bar, set by the BLM hate mongers, many who are openly advocating for a race war can do no wrong.

Take an incident in Virginia as an example.

“On Saturday, a white Massachusetts husband and wife refueling their car at a gas station in Virginia were allegedly attacked by a young black New Jersey woman wielding a hammer and shouting racial epithets at them.

“The couple, who identified themselves as Bob and Cathy to Fox 25 News, were returning from Florida, driving their Porsche and towing their boat, when they stopped at the Carmel Church Exxon. The woman, identified as Angela M. Jones, 26, of Newark, started yelling at Bob.

“Bob said, ‘I hear this lady, 2 pump islands over yelling something about a message. I’m like I don’t know who she’s talking to … she gets in my face and says, “You got a message for me with your fancy boat?” Her hand came up, my glasses go flying, she was starting to scratch the hell out of my face. She starts punching me, scratching at me. She called my wife a white *expletive* and spit in her face.’”

“Kathy, who was inside the gas station and exited to see Bob confronting the woman, added,  ‘She ran over to me. She looked at me and said, “I’m tired of you white ‘expletive.”‘ reported that Jones shouted she was ‘sick of fancy white people.’”

This, you see, is the America that Black Lives Matter wants.  Their demands for socioeconomic justice are merely a cover for their true nature:  Hate.