Editor’s Note: NonWhites are likewise NOT welcome to attend ShieldWall Network meetings, but they are invited to support us financially. Thanks!

BLM Philly Announces White People Cannot Attend Their Meetings But Can Support In Other Ways $$$

All Black Lives Matter Vermont members have been banned by Black Lives Matter Philly.

Black Lives Matter Vermont Banned From BLM Philly Meetings

Philadelphia, PA – Black Lives Matter Philly has decided that white people are not allowed to attend its April 15 meeting, stating that it is “a black only space.”

The new face of racism, Black Lives Matter Philly, made the announcement on Twitter on April 3:

“If you identify as a person of the African Diaspora You can attend our meetings and become a member. If not you can support us in other ways”

The announcement, reported on Breitbart on April 3, said that white people could support them in other ways.

The Philadelphia branch of Black Lives Matter is not the first to limit attendance at events to blacks only.  In 2016, the Nashville chapter was advised by Nashville Public Library officials that the group’s meetings policy of “open to black and non-black people of color only” was discriminatory and that discrimination was prohibited on public property.

This rule will not apply to the April 15 Philadelphia meeting, which was supposed to be held at the private Mastery Charter School.  A private school does not fall under the same restrictions as publicly funded facilities. The meeting’s location has since been changed for security reasons and the location has not been announced.

In a statement, BLM Philly said that its members need a separate place “to strategize, organize, heal.” The group also said:

“During the last 36 hours, Black Lives Matter Philly (BLM Philly) has been attacked online and the subject of several right-wing media articles about our April open meeting invitation that states it is a Black only space. … We are unapologetically Black and believe having Black only spaces — where Black people can come together to strategize, organize, heal and fellowship without the threat of violence and co-optation — is an important part of Black liberation.”

In response to the BLM Philly post, a Twitter user pointed to a photo of the late Martin Luther King Jr. marching for civil rights with white people.  BLM Philly said in response that he made that choice and that they have made theirs. They also extended an invitation for all races and backgrounds to support BLM, according to Philly.com. You just can’t attend their meetings unless you are black.

The group also said that it wasn’t the first to restrict membership.  It gave as an example religious ceremonies or events that only members can attend.  According to a black activist with bBLM Pennsylvania, the “black only space” concept goes back to the late Malcolm X.

Black Lives Matter is showing their true face and far-left white people accept the discrimination while they hang their heads, overwhelmed with white guilt. A white person is not good enough to attend their meetings but is good enough to support them financially…