by Billy Roper

The use of a few dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles against a Syrian air field probably won’t start W.W. III, or elicit a direct Russian military response. They got a courtesy call in time to get all of their personnel on site into bunkers. If the U.S. establishes a “no fly zone” in Syria, that will be a further provocation which which Putin will then have to decide whether or not to comply. In the big picture, the attack just means that Trump is a more decisive Zionist shill than Obama was.

Cui bono? Always ask yourself who benefits from anything which happens that isn’t an accident, especially if you don’t believe in accidents. President Assad had Russian help and a new American President who seemed less hostile to his nation’s existence. He was days away from an important summit on the civil war engulfing his country. Victory was in sight. So, he decides to use outdated and outlawed weapons to kill fewer than a hundred people, largely civilians? Really?

This scenario was sold to us by the same people whose imaginations created human soap and tattoo skin lampshades, folks. If “who benefits?” isn’t a strong enough measure of causation for you, always fall back to “who’s laughing?” The Jewish controlled media and the left cheered on this attack. Democrats are ecstatic. Your local Rabbi is dancing in the street. They know that this was only good for Israel.

I don’t have an honorary doctorate or a fashy haircut, but I know how to take a punch and return one. And, I knew from the start the score on Donald Trump. Of course I’m not one of the cool kids. I’ve never sport-banged an Asian chick that I have to hope doesn’t turn up, nor have I ever knowingly welcomed a Jew or a homosexual into one of my meetings. Nobody had to warn me that Milo was a pervert, and no judge had to tell me that extortion was wrong, I already knew it, like Lady Gaga said, I was born this way. Call it a hard-won cynicism, or just good character judgement, but the Jews even reported on me not wearing a MAGA hat from day one, such as in their run-down of which of the goyim weren’t hoodwinked, here.

Over the last twenty-four hours, a lot of my fellow White Nationalists who were on Trump’s jock have caught up, and I’m willing to be gracious. In just a minute, after I savor this. The only thing better than getting tired of winning, is getting tired of being right. Deep breath. Okay. NOW I’m willing to be gracious.

The Jewish controlled media contradicts itself every other war-mongering piece about whether it was a chemical attack or a neurological agent. Judging by the pictures, above, whatever it was can be handled without gloves. Nice to know. Remember the good old days, when Obama announced that he had gotten rid of all of the chemical weapons in Syria by brokering a deal for Assad to hand them over to Russia? Yeah, where’s that Nobel Peace Prize at? Either the Russians used their own chemical or neurological weapons in the attack on the rebellious region’s spearpoint, or the Syrians did. Or, maybe the Russians used the weapons that the Syrians turned over to them. Maybe they made their own. Perhaps the rebels were making chemical weapons and their factory got hit by conventional bombs. We just don’t know for sure, do we? And, that’s kind of the point. The left and the NeoCons like Graham and McCain know how thin-skinned and easily provoked Trump is. It’s easy to push his buttons. The Jews he placed around himself managed to get him to weaken Assad’s government and take a big step down the road to balkanize Syria so Israel will have a debilitated and fragmented neighbor as well as the Golan Heights, because, Greater Israel. But that’s not our local issue at home to deal with.

Our task is simple. Tell your friends that this means we can’t trust any politician. Any party. Any promise. Any government agency. They’re all corrupted and bought and (((sold))). We cannot petition them for a redress of our grievances. They created those grievances. They want to create more. They want White genocide.

The patient is terminal, the cancer far too widely and deeply metastacized. Neither chemo, no pun intended, nor radiation can save them. We can try to cut away the necrotic tissue, and see how much we have left to work with. Or, we can just pull the plug. This isn’t our nation, any more. It’s not the one our Founding Fathers built, envisioned, or intended (#NaturalizationActOf1790). We have to have our own nation. Logically, that means that others will have theirs, too, and that’s okay. A lot of them want away from us, just as badly as we want away from them.

Because, don’t be black-pilled, fam, this isn’t a let-down, it’s an opportunity. Most of us already understood that we weren’t going to vote our way to freedom. Many of us knew that ‘worse is better’ in terms of fighting complacency and getting people woke. Now, we can go about the important task of alienating our people further from the entire multiracial democratic system of government. They need to become apostate from faith in the electoral process, and either or any party. We don’t need reform, we need revolution. We don’t need conservatism, we need chaos. We don’t need balance, we need balkanization. We don’t need unity, we need further polarization. We don’t need dialogue, we need division. We don’t need law and order, we need a great unraveling. And, it’s coming. Now, we can “Hasten The Day!

Trump was a last hope, last ditch effort by Civic Nationalists to tie us to the great bloated carcass of a dead dream, so we could die with it. Snip, Snip.