by Billy Roper

As a wave of new Black Nationalism sweeps across urban America, more and more persons of African ancestry are planning on either seeking secession of territory for the formation of a Black homeland inside the U.S., or leaving the continent entirely.

With the hashtag #Blaxit and the tagline, “They brought us here, but they can’t keep us here”, the growing movement is taking minority-majority corners of the social media internet by storm. As a consensual cooperative undertaking between Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam, and the new Black Panther Party, and enjoying the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, and Revs. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan, and Al Sharpton, #Blaxit seeks reparations from White Americans for centuries of forced labor and racial oppression through either land and autonomy, or what many call a “severance package”.

For some the new black nation, preferably in the Mississippi Valley and the southeastern “Black Belt”, would be managed as Native American tribal reservations are, now. Others, though, would be satisfied by nothing short of full independence.

Critics of the plan, including liberals who don’t trust blacks to be able to govern themselves, prefer to keep African-Americans on the Democratic plantation. However, if the plans for an independent or autonomous black homeland are not accepted, their second option may include immigration out of the United States. Depriving America of their diversity and cultural enrichment as a just and righteous punishment for racism could include resettlement en masse in either Israel, which is badly in need of diversification, or next door in Egypt, where they wuz kangz.

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