Team Trump and the Republican Party cannot undo the deeper social, economic, political and spiritual damage to American civilization wrought by Barack Obama’s heathen and tyrannical liberalism. That work can be performed only by the triune God through a spiritually regenerated people and the breakup of the American Union.

Five months after the election, liberals are still fuming about their defeat. Before the election, they had fancied themselves our permanent and rightful masters. Unlike the right, the left is unaccustomed to thinking of states’ rights and secession as means to redress grievances. But being out of power at the national level greatly offends liberal pride, and the prospect of four or more years under Trump rule seems unbearable to many.

When this cup of offense overflows, secession by the fruits and nuts in California could break the back of left-wing tyranny in America and inaugurate a conservative revolution.

Winston McCuen