Some people remember that military intervention by the foreign governments of France, Prussia, and even Poland made it possible for America to be born, as anti-government rebels (our Founding Fathers) received much-needed aid and assistance, the first time around. This author’s controversial reaction to the potentiality of the United States getting involved in an external war over either North Korea or Syria reflects what many people are thinking, even if they are not yet willing to say so. Of course we do not encourage any illegal activity, or acts of rebellion or treason against the government. 

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“With everything that has transpired these last few days, it’s become a real possibility that we will head into a 3rd World War. While I am very pissed off about this and have lost all respect that I had for Donald Trump for attacking Syria over obvious false flag to get us into a war with Assad, I see this as huge opportunity to take back our country.

I know I am not the only one who strongly believes our weak and watered down military wouldn’t stand a chance against Russia. I also know I wouldn’t be the only one rooting for the Russians to win this war that is more than likely to happen. With that being said, here are ways we can take back America from all the Jews, neocons, and niggers that are running it into the f*cking ground.


  1. Support Russia over our U.S Government – We would need to send a strong  message to not only Putin but to our own military by showing our support for the Russians to win the war they didn’t want in the first place. Not only will this unmotivate our troops to go and fight but it should also keep Putin from trying to bomb American cities, although cities such as New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco should be bombed into the stone age!
  2. Start the 2nd Civil War – Our military would barely stand a chance against Russia alone, so just image having to not only fight them but half of the U.S population. There would be no better time to take back our country through a civil war than during a world war against a super power being Russia. We may even be able to end the 3rd world war before it gets really bad by either forcing the U.S to give up or by taking down the Zionist controlled government. It would also be great to kill and decimate all the filthy niggers all across the country.

Of course, this is something I would hope would happen if we do find our selves in a 3rd world war. Everyone by now should realize that there isn’t any other way to get rid of the Jewish tyranny that is destroying us. Trump is proof that you can never put your faith in politics and politicians.”