by Billy Roper

On the eve of my 45th birthday, as I find myself becoming one of the older veteran activists in any given room where people gather In Real Life, I am contemplative on generational differences, and the great cycle of life, as I examine the roles we all play in it. Because, I recall the time when the average age of any attendant of a pro-White meeting was somewhere in their sixties. Does anybody else remember those days? Well, if so, you’re probably a middle-aged fogey like me, too.

In general, of course, the influx of fresh blood and younger faces is a great thing for our movement, that is, White Nationalism. The challenge, though, is that many of the new wave don’t see themselves as a part of the movement, or even recognize a movement. Some of them don’t even think of themselves as or accept the label of ‘White Nationalists’. It might be worthwhile, both for their benefit and ours, to examine the cultural differences between our wave, and theirs.

My background as a White Southerner means that I come from a warrior culture. Here, as kids it’s not only natural to get into fistfights with other boys, it’s expected. We hold grudges and have blood feuds. Violations of personal honor are points to kill over. Contrary to what you may think, that makes us very polite. Some people from different cultures mistake our kindness for a weakness. We smile and talk softly and seem to them to be doormats, then the next moment, well, we’re shooting cannon at Ft. Sumter, and they’re left wondering what just happened. To them, casual meanness is commonplace. It doesn’t scratch the surface. To us, it’s a personal affront. We can’t understand how they can say something that makes us see red one moment, then act as if nothing happened with the next breath. It creates a real disconnect, and a lot of misunderstanding. This is crucial in understanding the Alt Right youngsters, as I’ll explain in a moment.

We know without being told that if you honk the horn at someone or flip them off, that’s not just venting, and not just rude, that’s a mortal threat. At minimum, a reason to fight. And if you fight us, and beat us down, you’d better kill us, because we won’t stop until you’re dead. We don’t forgive or forget. If you don’t believe it, drive though my town and count the rebel flags flying proudly, a century and half later. People from other areas of the country are much more casual about their insults and their disrespect. Maybe coming from places where everyone is disarmed, or being raised by single mothers without a male role model to teach them hard discipline, makes them feel naively safe in not respecting their elders (those young whipper-snappers, why, back in my day, right?).

Many of the Alt Right come from a place that’s the diametric opposite of a warrior culture, they trickled in from a single mom, X-Box babysitter cultural libertarian wasteland where their natural teenaged rebellion against authority looked around and found that the establishment, the only real authority to rebel against, is the same enemy we’ve been fighting. They don’t know the history of the movement, largely, or who is who, or what has already been tried, successfully or not. And, frankly, they don’t have much respect for those of us who have already been there and done that, because in their perspective of instant gratification and wretched individualism, we haven’t rid the world of Jews in the amount of time they could clear the next game level on a first-person shooter. That makes us failures in their eyes, and nobody likes to take advice from a failure.

Of course, the purposeful anonymity they indulge in creates another cultural disconnect. When you feel like you’ll never have to look a person in the eye and say the words face to face, you get pretty brave. Why bother to respect anybody when everyone is equally a faceless anime avatar? Never having any consequences for their words creates a snowball effect. This gives birth to a culture of snark, and casual insults, and new egalitarianism. It’s the freedom of having to take no responsibility for your words or actions, because you’ll never get caught, in terms of having to put your butt where your mouth is.

To be honest, that kind of approach isn’t entirely unprecedented, and it can be useful, in certain stages of a political struggle. Benjamin Franklin wrote many letters to the editor of newspapers which were widely circulated, to stir up resentment against British misrule prior to the American revolution, under different aliases. After the new nation was founded, when the debate over whether to retain the Articles of Confederation or ratify the Constitution was going on, James Madison, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton all wrote under pen names, too. But even they were not so disconnected from a warrior culture mentality that they didn’t understand the consequences of their words and actions when it came to points of honor. Hamilton, for example, came to learn that lesson the hard way, from Aaron Burr.

Ultimately, many among the Alt Right will soon tire of their political chicanery and drop away, finding another hobby. That will especially be the case if they have to pay any kind of real price, or make any real sacrifice, for their adopted politically incorrect positions. Few of them are willing to lose a job, or a girlfriend, or a tooth for the cause. Some of them, though, are made of firmer stuff, and can be radicalized into true White Nationalists. What they need from us, is the father figure which so many of them never had. Yes, like all adolescent boys do, they will rebel against being disciplined, or told things which they don’t want to hear. That’s okay. All of us rebelled against our fathers, too, so we understand that. The time will come, though, as it always does, when those who have the stamina and seriousness to mature into real patriots instead of Live Action Role Playing gamers will be grateful for the leadership which they learned from. Tough love from us to them means not allowing homosexuals or race mixers, for starters. Let’s set some boundaries on what is acceptable, for their sake, and do our jobs as surrogate daddies to the Alt Right. They may not have a warrior culture as many of us did, but until we can rebuild one again, all they have is us. If they become a lost generation, it will be because we have lost them.