by Billy Roper

The ten victims who were selected out of all of those nominated to be honored in the upcoming White Lives Matter red balloon release being held on May 20th by the ShieldWall Network and the Shield Maidens have been chosen. The most difficult aspect of the planning for this event has been narrowing all of the men, women, and children who have been killed by nonWhites down to just those ten. In the selection process, we tried to balance male and female victims, the very young and the elderly, and the well known cases with the more obscure.

Joshua Chellew, Jamie Urton, Richard Barrett, Gordon Kahl, Vickie Weaver, Channon Christian, Charlene Downes, Lonzie Barton, Autumn Pasquale, and Christopher Newsom are the victims whom we will be memorializing by releasing red balloons with flyers attached telling their stories.

Those who would like to honor other victims of White genocide are encouraged to participate in the red balloon release on that same day, May 20th, in solidarity with White Lives Matter, as we are, in their own areas. The Noble Breed Kindred in California, for example, will be participating there, as well.