by Billy Roper

It’s widely known that Marine Le Pen has a Jewish boyfriend, but many on this side of the Atlantic don’t understand just how thoroughly infiltrated her party is by homosexuals, as well. It’s a homosexual and Jewish anti-Islamic alliance with conservative Catholics which may barely last until the election, leaving some people wondering if it should exist at all. Here is a commentary from a European Nationalist on the situation:

     “Did you know that not only Philippot (FN #2), but also Briiois (FN #4), Rachline (FN Senator) and Engelmann (FN Mayor of Hayange) are gays ? And just a few among the whole pack. Many gays are joining the FN because of its strong anti-Islamic stance (they know it’s difficult survive being thrown from the top of buildings with hands tied in the back…). Some did it without making waves, some don’t. I would say most don’t but are mostly “outcame” by leftist gays who want to destabilize the FN.
     Of course, the FN conservative wing is not happy with that, but they have Marion Maréchal-Le Pen who is the head of the Traditional Catholic wing and FN #3. Kind of balance of power which will last until after the general elections in June.
     Concerning Aliot and his would-be Jewish ancestry, it’s always good for French conservative to say they have nothing against the Jews and even Pro-Israel. But in the fact, the Jews don’t give a shit about that, as you could notice it last week when the CRIF (French AIPAC) condemned Le Pen for being revisionist when she said France wasn’t responsible for the deportation of the Jews during WWII, but the then government. And she just wanted to mean that France was in London with De Gaulle. Less revisionist one cannot be !”