From ‘The American Thinker’

By Mike Konrad

As I have noted so many times, I am not the first American to be fascinated by Spain. And this spring is not disappointing. While the sounds of the Virgen de la Macarena may have died down a bit — Catalonia tried to ban bullfighting — the trumpet has been replaced the booming drones of Highland war pipes. It seems the Campbells are coming.

“The Tyrants” in Madrid — at least that is how the Catalonians fell about them — have overturned Catalonia’s banning of bullfighting as unconstitutional.

The Constitutional Court of Spain overturned a ban against bullfighting on Thursday that had been approved by lawmakers in Catalonia six years ago, a decision that simultaneously outraged separatists in the region and animal activists.

The court voted 8 to 3 against the Catalan ban, finding that lawmakers from the region could not prohibit a practice that the justices said was enshrined in the cultural patrimony of the Spanish state. — New York Times, Oct 20, 2016

The court it seems just does not get the premise. The Catalonians banned bullfighting precisely because bullfighting is Spanish, and the Catalonians are not. Franco had encouraged bullfighting as a Spanish symbol of unity; and, of course, the Catalonians hate Franco and his memory.