The Jewish owned Showtime network has a new anti-White miniseries beginning Sunday which will romanticize the 1970’s Black Power movement in Great Britain, and pointedly encourage similar revolutionaries today. “Guerrilla” (the tempting alternate spelling is technically incorrect) is written, directed, and produced by racist Black Nationalist John “Ribs” Ridley.

The six-part series’ characters include a couple (Babou Ceesay, Freida Pinto), deeply in love and increasingly radicalized. The cauldron they’re living in: A nation at odds with ethnic diversity created by its own post-WWII immigration policies to rebuild the workforce.

The conflict grows increasingly violent in both civilian and law enforcement quarters, with British police working from a “black power desk” tasked with eradicating black activism. They go hard after civil rights proponents, and some respond in kind.

The Gambian-born Ceesay, whose character debates the pursuit of justice through violence, said political tensions in his native country made him question how far he would go if family members were in jeopardy.

“I think what’s interesting for me about ‘Guerrilla’ is that maybe somewhere in all of us there is a guerrilla and, if the conditions were right, we might become one,” he told reporters earlier this year.

One can only hope that Black racists here in the United States will be encouraged to begin a violent Black Power revolution of their own, in response, so we can get the counter-revolution going. I have all of these loaded rifle magazines that I’m concerned about the springs getting weak in from disuse. So, please advertise this series on social media and encourage all of the niggers whom you know to watch it.