by Billy Roper

North Carolina legislator Larry Pittman stated in an online discussion that the “Civil War” as prosecuted by Abraham Lincoln was unnecessary and unConstitutional. The controlled media, then, trotted out a series of obviously Jewish “historians” to refute his reasonable and legitimate claim. Their names sound almost like Yiddish cartoon caricatures, so much so that I at first thought the article was a spoof. As more and more people become Jew conscious, they only hurt (((themselves))) with being this open in their hatred of White Southerners, who are second only to Germans when it comes to being the target of Jewish vitriol.

Jews fear the discussion of secession as a legitimate option because they know that the breakup of America through secession or balkanization would break their grip on our people, and end up with many of them taking long-needed showers. In fact, perhaps we should begin referring to Jews as “the great unwashed”. I wrote about the complex issues surrounding the War For Southern Independence in my alternate history novel “Look Away”. In it, the good guys win. I love a happy ending.