Roughly pro-Trump vs. Anti-Trump, but really more an Alt-Right and pro-White vs. Communist and anti-White running street brawl happened Saturday in Berkeley, California, again. This conflict didn’t confine itself to the campus area, but raged throughout the downtown, where several major streets were shut down as law enforcement lost control over the situation.

This is one of the better video clips of the action.

In it, Nathan Damigo of the White Nationalist organization Identity Europa, an Iraqi War Veteran, attempts to come to the aid of another free speech supporter who has been viciously attacked by a group of anti-White Communists. Out of his respect for trans rights, he did not assume the gender of a masked person wearing culturally appropriated dreadlocks who rushed at him, giving the attacker a very solid negation of its previous public bragging that it would “take 100 Nazi scalps” that day.

Mainstream news media journalists reported that the pro-White side won the day, outnumbering and driving back the anti-White Communists out of the downtown, and holding it. That’s quite a feat in such a stinking, rotten, corrupt shithole as Berkeley. My respect to them for getting out from behind their keyboards and taking it to the streets IRL, where the fight for our people’s future will be won. Isn’t it NICE to see our side hitting back?

If watching the video above doesn’t make you wish you were there to get in on it, then you need a testosterone shot.

As far as the guy’s jacket in the video’s message that “God will judge”, sure, but He’s asked us to help make the introductions.