FIVE STARS! Absolute MUST read!

“I find all of Billy Roper’s books to be fantastic! It’s not often that I read books (and I am TRULY an avid reader!!), and as I read them I am envisioning being there and almost participating in the drama! Best compliment I can pass along is that our beloved Dr. Pierce would be highly proud of Mr. Roper’s books, as well as his other writings. Tremendous and awesome mind he has that puts into words what importantly is taking place in our world today and the future! He is simply and profoundly a MUST READ author for our Aryan Cause and Survival!!…”

Read the other reviews of ‘The Hasten The Day Trilogy’, the complete dystopian post-apocalyptic series about the economic collapse and racial civil war which leads to the balkanization of America as an anthology containing ‘Hasten The Day’, ‘Waiting For The Sun’, and ‘Wasting The Dawn’ HERE, along with descriptions and ordering information.