I had fun with this yesterday: one news media outlet, Fox 8, posted his picture and then described him as being ‘dark white skinned’, and CNN didn’t posting a picture at all. I tweeted that an armed black man was murdering people right then in Cleveland, and for people to defend themselves if they saw a black man. This triggered dozens of irate negro and SJW responses, so I apologized for being too broad in my description and clarified that he was posting his murders on facebook live, so they should only defend themselves if they saw a black man with a cell phone. That, strangely, didn’t help calm them down, and they asked me why I didn’t post a picture of him. I responded that I was waiting for the official photo release of him in the second grade in his cub scout uniform, so as not to jump the gun on the media narrative. One of them helpfully provided me with a picture of the shooter, so based on his appearance, I began alerting people that Rick Ross had begin shooting people in Cleveland, driving a purple Lamborghini and hustlin’. Even that didn’t make them happy. They weren’t even pleased when I posted the phone number of the Joy Lane woman the killer was desperate to talk to you. It just goes to show, there’s no pleasing those people.