In the aftermath of Saturday’s brutal mass assaults by blacks at the popular Detroit Greektown casino, Detroit Police Chief James Craig says that people who videotape assaults but don’t call the police should be prosecuted. His comments followed a stabbing in an area park which was also uploaded to facebook live, but not reported to law enforcement.

DETROIT (WWJ) – “The caption says simply: “This happened in Downtown Detroit last night.”

And then starts a video that shows about 25-40 men punching, kicking and brutally beating people on the streets of Greektown, one of Detroit’s most popular hotspots. In the video, one man is lying with his head over the curb appearing unconscious and very badly injured. He gets punched and kicked as the cell-phone filming crowd of young men shouts and laughs.”

Because the video places blacks in a bad light, Jewish-owned Facebook has since removed it.