First of all, this is not an advertisement. It’s just a note for those who HAVE ALREADY read a book by Billy Roper, but who haven’t had a chance to leave a review of it on’s page for that particular book.

Recently, anti-Whites have begun purposefully posting negative fake reviews of my books on Amazon, to lower the overall ratings of them and to discourage sales. Reading the three most recent reviews of “Look Away: An Alternate History of the Civil War”, for example, it’s obvious that they’re attacking my known political views, without having even read the book in question. In a new review of “Deja Vu”, the 2nd edition, the anti-White is reviewing “The Ice Path”, or rather, attacking it. In THAT review, he even specifically attacks StormFront by name because I dedicated the book to StormFronters. I’ve reported these reviews to Amazon, but I don’t rely on any action to remove them. When Anti-Whites recently did the same thing to “The Big Picture”, only about half of the fake negative reviews were ultimately removed.

To counteract this and to provide more honest reviews by people who have actually read my books, I’m asking those who have read one or more of my books to take a few minutes, and go to my Amazon author’s page, find the book by me which you’ve read, and leave an honest review of it. I’d greatly appreciate it, and so might the future readers whom I’m trying to reach with our message. Thanks!