Steve Stephens, the Black Muslim Cleveland murderer who shot another black man, still has not been apprehended. According to his video statements, he hates White people, especially Greeks, for some reason. There is currently a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this murderer, much more than the amount being offered for the racist black murderer of White motorist Jamie Urton in another Ohio city last month. Deonte Baber, who is on the run, is not being sought with as much vigor or enthusiasm as Steve Stephens, either, despite the fact that his racially motivated murder of Jamie Urton was also carried out in public in broad daylight. The stark difference between the two Ohio crimes, both committed by black murderers who are now on the run, is that Deonte Baber killed a White man, so noone cares as much. Perhaps Black Lives Matter more than Whites? Based on the size of the rewards being offered in the two cases, and the amount of public resources and media coverage the two Ohio shootings have received, it would appear so.

UPDATE: Steve Stephens, Rick Ross impersonator and Cleveland killer, is dead, committing suicide in Pennsylvania after a police chase. Deonte Baber, however, is still at large.