As more and more of the Alt Right radicalize, red-pill, and graduate to White Nationalism, they are rising up from behind their keyboards and curling their typing fingers into fists. That scares a lot of leftists, who take the old saying about sticks and stones to heart.

Don’t Look Now, But Extremists’ Meme Armies Are Turning Into Militias

“To be fair, both poles of the political continuum are guilty of this. When a black bloc participant sucker-punched white nationalist Richard Spencer on camera, the clip became a meme in short order—overlaid with musical punchlines like Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and Wu-Tang Clan’s “Bring da Ruckus.” But while the internet’s reaction to the punch spawned a deluge of “Is It OK to Punch a Nazi?” think pieces, it also highlights a fundamental difference between the way the far-right and far-left turn violence into memes. Antifa memes tend toward honoring the punch rather than the puncher. Some of that, of course, is because black bloc tactics prize anonymity, but the focal point is the act of resistance, rather than the agent of it.

Meanwhile, on the far-right side, emergent memes have instead enshrined the movement’s folk heroes…”